Leadership Acceleration

One major challenge for leaders is the transition from one level to the next, or from one assignment to another.

This is fraught with unknown difficulty. Therefore, the preparation and execution of an effective transition plan can be the difference between success and failure.

For the past two years, I have worked alongside First100 in the design and delivery of a brilliant process. This removes much of the uncertainty of leadership transition and replaces this with a tightly defined way of working during the first 100 days. It helps to accelerate change and enables the leader to tackle change through a series of milestones namely;

  • pre-start and preparation
  • 30 days in
  • 60 days in
  • 90 days in
  • Successful 100 day close out

The joy of the process is that there is a clear end and clients start with this end in mind. In many cases, the trust developed allows for continuity through a ‘second act’ phase that completes the balance of the first year.

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