HR Consultancy

My sweet spots are in the following areas of work:

  • New Leader Assimilation Process – I introduce a simple process to ensure the rapid acceleration of leaders into new roles. This is a team based initiative. I work with the new leader and his direct reports and the extended team, which is common in the increasing complexity of business structures.

     We explore the iceberg of leadership. What is seen and obvious above the surface and what lies    beneath? The leader works with the team to set the scne, then daprts for 2-3 hours. In this intervla the    rest of the team work on ‘what do we know about x? what do we need to know but don’t know yet? what pleases and displeases x? what might surprise us about x? when is x most content? what can he expect from us? what pitfalls can we predict for x?

The work is best undertaken after the first 30 days. Some views have been formed and the first 1-1 discussions have taken place. But, together we want to know more.

This is light-touch consultancy. The emphasis is on exploring serious issues in a collegiate manner, with all barriers removed. It works, and results in messages and commitments that have resonance immediately and in 12 months time.

  • Organisation Design.

Recent experience with a client included the following scenario. 

A run of success had created a clear need for a talent upgrade in the team. Projects were coming thick and fast a the reputation of the group grew. There was too much ‘distance’ between the leader of the group and the direct reports. This placed too great a burden on the leader, who possessed a visionary approach that was incompatible with the daily demands of the 6 person team in need of detailed support.

Some team resignations helped to put the situation into crisis, which can often be the key change driver.

Through a considered approach, we decided to pause and reflect rather than automatically backfill positions ‘like for like’. This was uncomfortable as all involved were aware that we needed months in order to; interview 15 stakeholders, internal and external; collect views about key objectives; analyse resultant team skills requirements; seek solutions from the external market by attracting talnet; recruit and onboard the talent; assess new roles and responsibilities, ‘who does what?’; create the new vision and mission.

The right result was achieved. Outcomes were ahead of time and expectation, both to find and attract the talent. This was achieved because the stakeholder alignment and communication was preserved throughout and their ownership of the change was accepted.

There may not be a blueprint for change and every situation has some unique features. But, through experience, I have a distinct OD methodology that will have broad appeal.

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  • Talent Management – driving the revision of key processes including Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development. A case study….

“Paul, we have been running this highly successful learning programme for Healthcare professionals for 12 years. Feedback is great but some evidence now exists that is lacks a contemporary look and feel. We set a researcher a task to gather evidence. Will you help to deliver the key messages back to the 20 person sponsor group so that we refresh the material, they own the redesign and we relaunch the programme to meet the needs for the next 10 years”

I worked with the researcher who conducted 100 hours of stakeholder interviews and evidence. Together we identified the key change issues. The plan was to; present to the sponsor group in a workshop; break them into groups to avoid the clique mentality; drive a new curriculum template by subject areas; establish teams to create the material.

12 months later the new programme was in place and this included the sunsetting of the previous programme, without any drop in learning outcomes. More importantly, the market leadership of this Healthcare programme was retained.

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