I favour a straightforward approach, using transparent methodologies supported by appropriate tools and techniques learned whilst studying for the Certificate in Coaching at Henley. In one to one interactions or with teams, I aspire to be ’one person helping another through conversation to achieve their hopes, fulfil their wishes and live their dreams’.

I have analysed my coaching delivery through the past three years. My experience has been that my work falls into 4 broad categories of support :-

  • Immediate Coaching – designed for executives who need highly focused coaching inputs, timed to match the particular demands they are facing. Coaching ‘in the moment’ and situation specific
  • First 100 days Coaching – helping clients to think through the formula for business achievement during the critical period when moving into a new role
  • Remote Coaching – delivered via phone, skype and web for people who are regularly on the move and whose commitments mean that face-to-face coaching is not a practical option
  • Team Coaching – working with teams to deliver real results during times of change

My key learning has been that a flexible approach for Coach and Coachee will yield the right result. Best results often include a blended solution, weaving in and out of the above categories, sometimes meeting whilst mostly remote but with a clear opening mandate onto which the work is connected.

It works! Curious? Please connect with me to review how we could work together.